Tuesday, November 28, 2006

fuck this city

... and back from the USA. I'm dizzy. Sincerely, I'm fucked up. I miss walking on that streets and the spirit of the city, and the way people are there. There's so much to say about that, that I can't really describe the poor provincial fucked up spirit in this messy grey dusty and so pathetic Bucharest, in which everybody is afriad of something or somebody, and everybody is in a continuous conflict with the others, no, not conflict, but COMPETITION, oh yeah, you fuck me or I fuck you, and I don't mean fuckin' as in an act of attraction. FUck, I'm so tired of all this mess that I simply try to act like I'm in a holiday here or smth like that, like this is a bridge, this Bucharest thing is a bridge between London&USA experience and something else. It's not for real. The old workers from the thatre are not for real. My professors are not for real. Only the joy from the rehearsals is for real, and that's the only thing that keeps me connected. But what else? Nothing.
So I watch movies, drink, and think about the show. Today, they told me that it's a must that the show is ready by 16th of december. No questions, just like that- yoube ready. I don't see no fuckin interest in these people for what we do, and they call themselves teachers. Fuck that. The mood, the vibe in Casandra, the studio I'm rehearsing at, is killing. lethal weapon. Everybody waiting, linegring around, hanging, crossing by, yawning, lying on the floor, talking at th phone... Fuck, man. makes you feel laike a freek when you want to rehearse something. I'm not talking about the actors, buut there are so many people who happen to linger around, that they drag you down big time. today, because we didn't have any music also, I sometimes felt just like in a kind of hallway, you know? A fuckin' hallway between buildings.
AND I try to get myself dunk so I go to sleep earlier.
So goodnight to everybody, this is the sincere poison from a full-of-poison society that I respectfully advice you to avoid, sincerely yours,
a former ceburashka in the london fields of real interesting creative and never exhausting real life.
and just trying to get herself THROUGH this hell of neverending tension and frustration that floats upon Bucharest.

Friday, November 10, 2006

stop rehearsals

Washing my clothes for NYC. Will be there on Monday. I will stop rehearsals today and get drunk tonight. I'm not sorry but VERRRY sorry that I stop my rehearsals for more than ten days. Bogdan wants to make a stop in Amsterdam and we probably will, for two days. On the other hand, I can't wait to fly again. The show I'm rehearsing now is really hard. It needs energy and brain from the actors, to control their effort. It seems good until now, but a little bit long ?!? I'm talking about "Monged", by Gary Duggan. Trippy!!!!!!!!!! A really good text. I was at Miruna's rehearsals last night, she's doing "Some explicit Polaroids" by Ravenhill, and another revelation with the text- that it's so brilliantly written. Especially the three "trash" group, with Tim, Victor and Nadja- and their meeting with Nick who was emprisoned in 1984, and now he got out and meets "the happy world". Beautifully written, this with the happy world, and their brainwashed happiness. When Tim says "Ecstasy", you understand everyhting about their lives. I think people will be quite dazzled with this generation of shows at "Casandra"- there are things that they don't fucking know at all, or recognize. The 40-50 audience will be like "wow, I think the end of the world is near, and this young generation went sooo crazy". Drugs and clubs- this is what is "Monged" also dealing with, among with other things. Drugs, clubs, Ecstasy, and streets in Dublin. "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!". This will be the name of the show. And I hope I find Gary to talk to him about that. It's incredible that it's so hard to find someone's mail adress. Anyway... cheers. I'll be back probably tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Because I simply lost my password to another blog I've created, I come again with another name and another skin, and with free tracks to my life and unfortunately other's. Nice game, blogging. And about algocalmin- this is the romanian name for a medicine that prevents headaches. Glad to be here again... And that's it.